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Mice & Keyboards

Choosing the right keyboard for your needs 
can ensure you get to work in a comfortable 
and productive environment. To help 
you choose what’s right for you we’ve 
highlighted some of the key features you 
need to consider when choosing a keyboard.

Keyboard Buying Guide

Having the right mouse can help you 
create a productive and comfortable 
working environment. There are three 
main areas of consideration when 
choosing a new mouse: connectivity, 
sensitivity and functionality. To help 
you choose the right mouse we 
explain these areas to make your 
decision easier.

Mouse Buying Guide


Whilst basic keyboards are usually suffi cient for 
everyday needs, many keyboards provide extra 
function keys that can correspond to various apps, 
such as media players, volume keys etc. 

This extra functionality can make regular actions 
more accessible, with the possibility to map keys 
to functions.


Wired keyboards usually connect via USB and 
are plug-and-play devices that need no further 
installation. Just plug in and start typing. Wired 
devices draw power via the USB cable, so you 
won’t need to worry about batteries. 

Wireless keyboards offer portability and free your 
desk from clutter, connecting either wirelessly 
(using a plug in USB dongle) or via Bluetooth. 
These devices are powered by batteries.


In addition to basic inputs: scrolling, left and 
right buttons some mice have added functionality 
with additional and customisable buttons, media 
interfaces to launch certain programmes which 
allows you to improve your interface and effi ciency.


An optical mouse can track between 400 and 
800dpi (dots per inch), a laser mouse can track up 
to and above 2000dpi. The higher the dpi, the more 
precise the tracking. 

Bluetrack technology allows you to use your mouse 
on almost any surface.


Wired mice are ideal for fi xed computer 
set-ups and are powered by the USB 
connection to the computer.

Wireless mice offer convenience, portability 
and a tidier operating space with no trailing 
wires and are powered by batteries.

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