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Cleaning SIgns



Safety in the Workplace

We take safety in the workplace 

very seriously. We stock a 

comprehensive range of Health 

& Safety signs to help you meet 

your legal obligations of displaying 

the correct signage.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and 
Signals) Regulations 1996 requires that 
appropriate safety or warning signs must be 
provided and maintained at work premises.

 Every business is required to carry out 
a risk assessment  of their premises and 
that they display the relevant signs in 
compliance with these fi ndings.

Is your workplace 

legal and safe?

Did You Know?

250 people a year lose their 
lives at work in Britain.

Did You Know?

Approximately 156,000 non-fatal 
work injuries are reported every year.

For more safety signs 
see pages 625-631




  Wet Floor Sign

•  Message on both sides
•  Folds fl at to store
•  Complete with carrying handle
•  Yellow fl ute polypropylene
WxDxH: 300x400x600mm





  Corrugated Wet Floor Sign 

•  Text reads ‘Caution Wet Floor’/’Cleaning In Progress’
•  Dual-sided to suit user requirements
•  Compact design, can be easily stored away
WxDxH: 310x250x485mm





  Safety Cones

Slippery Surface Hazard Cone
•  Caution cone to mark hazardous areas
•  Manufactured from PVC
Height: 500mm

Wet Floor Cone
•  Janitorial hazard warning cone - ‘Caution Wet Floor’
•  Four-sided yellow cone with ‘Caution Wet Floor’ message 

on all sides

•  Easily stackable
Height: 900mm
Code Description



Slippery Surface Hazard Cone



Wet Floor Cone

Use product code when ordering • Supplied singly unless stated • E. & O.E. • Prices exclude VAT

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