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Air Conditioning & Air Treatment

 Air  conditioning 

& air treatment

As we learn and understand more about the 

side effects of living with pollution, we strive to 

improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Air purifi cation and conditioning can signifi cantly 

improve the quality of the air we breathe 

indoors. Filters and ionizers can trap and help 

remove the common pollutants like dust, carbon 

particles from car exhausts, smoke, pollen, some 

bacteria, mould spores, animal dander and other 

microscopic irritants from the air. Refrigerated 

cooling and dehumidifi ers reduce the water in 

the air making it harder for many pests to grow. 

Mould spores and dust mite debris are two 

obvious allergens that are controlled in a drier 


Air treatment products can create a cleaner, 

healthier, fresher, more pleasant and 

consequently more productive working 


What is refrigerated air conditioning?

Air conditioning works like your refrigerator, 

which removes heat continuously from the 

cabinet and discharges it into the kitchen. An 

air conditioner works by removing the heat and 

moisture from where it is unwanted, through an 

open window or vent in the glass or wall, so you 

feel cooler and drier.

Dehumidifi ers are used to keep humidity levels 

low without losing costly heat in the autumn and 

winter months. They work like an air conditioner 

but, instead of sending the heat outside, the air 

is dried and heated slightly so existing heat is 

supplemented but not lost.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) indicates how 

quickly the air purifi er can clean the air. The 

higher the CADR rating the more effective and 

quicker it is to clean the air. It is measured 

numerically for particles such as smoke, 

pollen and dust.




  Portable Air Conditioning Unit

•  Temperature range 18-35°C
•  9000 BTU
•  Air fl ow 300m3/h
•  Energy rating - A
•  R410A refrigerant
•  Remote control
•  Electronic LED
•  Three fan speeds (low/med/high)
• Self-evaporating 

(no need to empty water container)

•  12 hour timer function
•  Power consumption 900W
•  Noise level 50 dB(A)
•  Recommended for room size 

up to 19m


•  Dehumidify function: 1.4L/h 

moisture removal

•  Exhaust hose 127mmx1.2m
WxDxH: 465x400x765mm
Weight: 29.7kg





  Basic Thermometer

•  Suitable for offi ce, home or store use
•  Safe kerosene in glass tube construction
•  Temperature range -40°C to +50°C
WxDxH: 65x10x400mm





  Air Purifi er

•  Compact stylish design
•  CADR: 106m3 per hour, ideal for medium rooms
•  Permanent fi ltration system
•  Removes up to 99% of indoor airborne particles
•  Three cleaning levels
•  Automatic fi lter status indicator
•  Independently controlled ioniser
•  Night light
WxDxH: 275x272x242mm
Weight: 22.7kg


Use product code when ordering • Supplied singly unless stated • E. & O.E. • Prices exclude VAT

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