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Being able to quickly identify products with an environmental benefi t 
or accreditation is important. We pride ourselves on a signifi cant 
proportion of our products being environmentally friendly
and use this logo to make it easier to recognise such products.

Nordic Swan

The Nordic Swan is the offi cial Eco-label 

for the Nordic countries. Criteria are 

determined on the basis of life cycle 

assessment (LCA) of the product group. 

For more information visit

The EU Ecolabel (also known as the 

Flower) is a voluntary Europe-wide label 

to encourage the development of greener 

products for goods and services that have a 

lighter environmental footprint than similar 

products performing the same function. For 

more information visit

EU Eco-label

The Soil Association is an organic 

certifi cation that guarantees the 

produce meets the highest standards 

of sustainability and quality

Soil Association

The Blue Angel can be awarded only 

to those products that distinguish 

themselves by greater environmental 

friendliness than other products serving 

the same purpose. For more information 


Blue Angel

The Fairtrade mark is an independent ethical 

consumer label that ensures farmers receive 

a fair price and workers a fair wage, with an 

additional premium to invest in community 

development, including environmental 

responsibility. For more information visit


The Rainforest Alliance Certifi ed seal is a 

guarantee that companies, cooperatives 

and landowners that participate in their 

programmes meet rigorous standards that 

conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable 

livelihoods for their workers. For more 

information visit

Rainforest Alliance

The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) works to 

monitor living and working conditions on 

tea estates. For more information visit

The Ethical Tea Partnership



Products carrying the FSC


 label are 

independently certifi ed to assure 

consumers that they come from 

sustainable sources. 

For more information visit


Products carrying the PEFC™ logo 

are independently certifi ed and can 

demonstrate their commitment to 

sustainable development and corporate 

social responsibility.

For more information visit

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