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Code Colour Information



  Products usually held in stock.



   Products where prices may fl uctuate. 

Please call for our latest competitive pricing.



   Deliveries will normally be made in up to 72 hours of the date the order 

is placed, unless otherwise agreed. Deliveries to Highlands and Islands 

will normally be subject to extended lead times. Please call us for 

details. Normal terms may not apply.



 Products which are usually held in stock, but 

on which you may not enjoy normal terms.

  Black   Products that are not held in stock and are therefore subject to extended 

delivery times. You may not enjoy normal terms on these lines. Once 

ordered, cancellations cannot be accepted. Lead time on application.

There is an age restriction 

when purchasing this product

Food Products - Trading Terms 

 Food products shall be in good condition and with adequate 

date life when leaving our warehouse. Food products are 

not supplied on sale-or-return basis and therefore no food 

product will be accepted as a return, unless it has been 

supplied to you in a damaged or defi cient condition. In 

the event of food products reaching you in a damaged or 

defi cient condition you should notify us immediately and 

submit written details of the claim within three working days 

of receipt of the goods.

Terms and Conditions 
The following products are not approved for use in the Republic of Ireland: fax machines, telephones, answering machines and modems • Due to the printing processes used, the colour of the products shown may 
vary slightly from the actual item • Prices and descriptions are correct at the time of publication, however these may be reviewed at any time and are subject to change without notice • Prices exclude VAT • The current 
rate of VAT in the UK is 20% and in the Republic of Ireland is 23% and is subject to changes external to our control • E & OE (Errors and Omissions Excepted) means that whilst we have made great efforts to ensure the 
catalogue includes accurate data, it may contain a number of errors or missing information. If you are in doubt, please check before ordering • Please ask for our full terms and conditions

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