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Welcome to your essential 

Business Supplies guide

We have everything you need to run your 
business smoothly available from one single 
catalogue. With over 13,000 products that have 
been carefully sourced and selected by our 
product development teams to meet the ever 
changing demands of business, we’re confi dent 
that you’ll always fi nd what you need.

With over 400 brands represented, that cover 
everything from Apple to Xerox you need to 
look no further than our catalogue for premium, 
dependable products, in a product range that 
spans traditional stationery, workplace supplies, 
technology and furniture. We are committed to 
being your one-stop shop for all your offi ce and 
workplace supplies.

Be sure to look out for our 5 Star™ branded 
products, which provide you with a value 
for money alternative to the market leading 
brands, but with quality performance that 
you can depend on.

For an easy glance at some of our most 
exciting new products, please refer to page 6. 
However you’ll fi nd over 2,500 new products 
packed throughout the catalogue and these 
are marked with this logo, so you can spot 
them at a glance.

If you cannot fi nd what you need, be sure 
to contact us directly, and one of our 
dedicated team will be able to advise you. 
For easy reference fi ll out the table below with 
your account manager’s details.

Account Manager

Account Number


Email Orders

Keep your account 

details close at hand!


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