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Choosing the correct battery

Energizer Ultimate Lithium

• Ideal for all your digital devices

• Ultimate Lithium AA lasts up to 7 times 

longer in digital cameras*

• Lasts 5.5 hours longer in MP3 players

• Ultimate provides 20% more power performance 

in MP3 players compared to leading alkaline 

batteries, based on industry standard tests


Compared with leading alkaline (AA only), results vary by camera

Energizer & Duracell


 Specialist Batteries 

• Ideal for all your electronic gadgets

Energizer & Duracell



• The economical solution for 

power-hungry devices

• Last up to 4 times longer in digital cameras

• Can be recharged 100’s of times

Battery Chargers






 Battery Charger

•  Charges four AA batteries in 4 hours
•  Includes two AA and two AAA batteries
•  Can be recharged hundreds of times


£19.30 D






 Base Battery Charger

•  Value for money charging solution
•  Neat, smart lightweight charger
•  Charges two to four AA or AAA batteries
•  LED charge status indicator tells you if batteries are 

charging or charged

•  Includes four AA 1300mAh rechargeable batteries


£20.07 D






 Universal Battery Charger

•  Ideal for offi ce, school and business use where mass 

battery charging is required

•  Charges one to four AA or AAA, two C or D and one 9V 

rechargeable batteries

•  LED charge status indicator tells you if batteries are 

charging or charged

•  Good/bad battery indicator
•  Charger only (batteries not included)


£34.31 D

Use product code when ordering • Supplied singly unless stated • E. & O.E. • Prices exclude VAT

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