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easyflip have made the process of converting your printed publication into an exact digital replica truly Easy and in three Easy steps you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of distributing a digital publication which matches your brand flawlessly.

Your digital publication will not only benefit you, your customers will value it also. In today's fast moving commercial environment customers expect and demand seamless access to online content. easyflip are able to provide this along with a new revenue generating platform which will help you interact with your customers in a new and exciting way and help to strengthen customer relationships.

Add to that a little promotion and marketing and suddenly your digital catalogue becomes another powerful channel in your marketing armoury.


Duplicates the look and feel of your printed catalogue
Offers immediate access to your catalogue (no more waiting weeks for delivery)
Offers costs savings by reducing the expenses associated with printing, distribution and storage
No waste and any amendments throughout the year can be added easily
Increase the reach and circulation of your catalogue
Helps to build and maintain credibility of your brand online
The additional sales channel will create extra sales
The integrated shopping basket puts you one step nearer to order
Detailed statistics allow you to learn about your customers behaviours whilst they are viewing your catalogue
This product is Green and helps to lower your carbon footprint



For more information please contact:
T: 0113 239 0220
E: gary@activepoint.com